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The following are some common questions and answers provided by Jonathan E Madle, Owner and Operator of Home and Hearth Masonry. Also, comments and questions are encouraged by any visitors!

How do I know when my masonry structure needs maintenance?

You should have your structure(s) inspected by a knowledgeable masonry professional on an annual/semi-annual basis.

My chimney is leaking/walls are wet, especially during the winter. What may be causing this to happen?

Your chimney should be cleaned and inspected on an annual basis. An inspection will determine if your chimney lining is damaged or if the exterior needs repair.

I have an older house with a masonry exterior and have never had any maintenance performed. Should I have a professional inspection?

Yes. Preventative maintenance and repair will save you money by avoiding more costly repairs due to lack of proper maintenance.

How will you ensure that my masonry structure will maintain its integrity when work is needed?

Knowledge and proper use of materials specific to your masonry structure will be incorporated into the restoration/building process to ensure and enhance integrity.

If I award you with my business, what steps will you take to ensure a job well done?

I work closely with all of my customers through the duration of the job to explain each step, the use and selection of materials, answering any questions and concerns as they arise. I also personally manage all work operations.

I plan on selling my house soon and would like to maintain/restore the masonry and add “curb appeal”. How can I do this?

After inspecting your masonry structure(s), I will provide a recommendation on what repairs are needed to pass a home inspection. I will also provide a consultation with regard to adding “curb appeal” to your home by enhancing existing masonry work or adding masonry elements to your property that compliment adjacent surroundings.

My plumber/heater told me I have a chimney issue after he serviced my heater. What should I do?

Have a chimney professional inspect your chimney flue to determine any corrective measures to be taken.

I want to have my masonry structure worked on, but I like to do my own DIY projects. I’m not a masonry professional, but would still like to be involved in the process. How can I do this?

I document all of my work by taking pictures before, during, and after the job is done. Not only does this ensure integrity, it allows you to be part of the restoration process, and provides understanding of all work performed. A Job History Report can be included with a picture portfolio at time of completion/invoice.

What makes your materials high quality?

I offer materials specific and customized to match your masonry structure as closely as possible. There are many different types of materials used for different applications. Access to these materials is found through contractor supply dealers and may not be found at home stores. Also, proper knowledge of how to apply high quality materials for varied applications is needed to ensure a job well done. Your basic home store masonry cement may not be suitable for application on your masonry structure. In fact, it may be damaging.

How can I get access to some of your references if i want to award you with my business?

You may submit your contact information through the website and follow Home & Hearth on Facebook.

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